Elevating Aotearoa's
Retail Experience

Since 2019, we’ve worked with some of NZ’s largest and best-known shopping centres.  PPCS has redefined excellence in the cleaning industry, specifically catering to New Zealand’s premier retail destinations. Our mission transcends traditional cleaning; we aim to transform shopping environments into immaculate, hygienic havens, ensuring every corner mirrors the high expectations of our clients and their customers.

We understand that we are seen as brand ambassadors and as such, customer experience is of the utmost importance to shopping centres and their stakeholders.  We  ensure our staff always represent themselves in a professional and friendly manner.

We successfully trial and introduce new innovative equipment and methodologies, providing our clients with cost savings, reducing costs and maximising efficiencies.  In partnership with our clients we provide sustainable waste management solutions in food court areas through sorting and recyclin,g to floor maintenance programs accommodating a wide range of flooring services and carrying out carpark sweeping and water blasting.

As we look forward, PPCS is excited to introduce new technologies and practices that further our mission. From AI-driven cleaning bots to real-time cleanliness tracking, we are at the forefront of the digital transformation in cleaning services. Our commitment to innovation ensures that your retail space remains at the pinnacle of cleanliness and customer experience.

Innovating Cleanliness: Why PPCS Stands Apart

Specialist Services

Tailored strategies for unique challenges, including advanced waste management in food courts and bespoke maintenance plans for diverse flooring types.

Advanced Cleaning Technologies

Utilising state-of-the-art equipment and methodologies to ensure efficient, thorough cleaning outcomes.

Ec0-Friendly Practices

Commitment to sustainability through green cleaning products, reducing water usage, and minimising carbon footprints.

Comprehensive Carpark Maintenance

Extensive care beyond interiors, featuring sweeping, water blasting, and eco-conscious treatments to enhance your facility’s exterior appeal.

Our Philosophy: Your Brand, Our Responsibility

We understand the integral role our services play in embodying and extending your brand's ethos.
Our commitment to professionalism and courtesy is unshakeable, with every shopper interaction designed to reinforce your reputation.

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