Our Commitment to a Greener Future

At PPCS, environmental and social responsibility is at the core of what we do. We take pride in working alongside our clients to achieve their sustainability objectives..

Valuing Our Team

Our team is the cornerstone of PPCS, driving us forward with their dedicated commitment to excellence. Recognising their vital role, we are on a path to becoming an “Employer of Choice,” cultivating an environment where teamwork, trust, and transparency thrive.

  • Fostering Professional Growth: Through ongoing Careerforce training, we empower our employees with the knowledge and skills they need to excel in their roles, fostering a culture of accountability and understanding.
  • Championing Fairness: As proud members of the BSCNZ, we advocate for fair wages, ensuring our team can lead dignified lives and actively contribute to society.
  • Celebrating Our Team: Thank Your Cleaner Day stands as a yearly tribute to openly appreciate and celebrate the significant contributions our team make each day to our surrounds. Emphasising recognition of our staff is a fundamental aspect of our organisational culture.


As a 100% New Zealand owned and operated company, our goal is to make a valuable contribution to the communities in which we operate.

  • We employ our staff from local communities with diverse backgrounds, ensuring that everyone has equal employment opportunities.
  • We support local suppliers and businesses as much as possible.
  • We love to get involved in community projects (i.e. building community gardens, sponsoring community sports events, and making sandwiches for Eat My Lunch).


Our environmental management practices, certified by ISO 14001, demonstrate our commitment to sustainable operations. As members of the Sustainable Business Network, we are at the forefront of promoting eco-friendly business practices.

We are members of the Sustainable Business Network, which aims to promote environmental best practices among businesses.

Our continuous efforts to enhance our environmental impact include:

  • Transitioning to Greener Transportation: Adopting electric and hybrid vehicles to reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Carbon Management: Monitoring emissions with Toitu’s Carbon Assessment to identify and implement reduction strategies.
  • Waste Reduction and Recycling: Committing to the principles of reduce, reuse, and recycle to minimize waste and landfill contributions.
  • Eco-Friendly Productions: Using ECNZ certified cleaning solutions and sustainable consumables.
  • Energy and Resource Efficiency: Employing energy-efficient equipment and practices, using recycled materials, and conserving water.
  • Chemical Use Optimisation: Using resources efficiently
  • Using energy-efficient equipment
  • Using recycled toilet paper for public toilets
  • Using water wisely

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