We started a single
school contract in 1992
so cleaning educational
facilities is one of our

The comprehensive experience we’ve gained in this area over the past 30 years has enabled us to develop and fine-tune our systems, routines, reporting and inspection procedures into a set of best practices of which we are especially proud.

Cleanliness is essential for schools to be healthy, safe, and functioning. A clean property reflects well on the school, projecting an image of quality learning, discipline, pride and high standards. PPCS is committed to ensuring that every school we service enjoys a continuously healthy learning environment.

PPCS currently services a portfolio of clients across all areas of the education sector, including:

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PPCS makes term-break cleans a priority and ensures the highest standard of execution.

We have developed a standard procedure for term break cleaning:

A detailed term-break clean plan

This will be presented for approval before the term breaks. The plan clearly states the areas, the dates, and the type of cleaning we will carry out.

We remain flexible

Around any building projects, school functions or teacher presence during the school holiday break clean. We will ensure that these disturbances do not interfere with the quality of the clean we deliver.

A clear working cleaning schedule

It enables PPCS to keep you updated on the progress made. After which, the school representative will sign off after each area has been cleaned.

PPCS ensures to deliver
a seamless result.

Universities often require numerous services spanning multiple locations and buildings. By hiring PPCS, you can trust that an experienced and well-resourced company performs every aspect of the contract to a high standard. We ensure that all external service providers work in sync with PPCS to deliver a seamless result.

Our services include but are not limited to:

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