At PPCS we run our organisation in accordance with our values. Having written policies makes these values actionable, measurable and publicly accountable.

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Ethical Code & Employment Standards Policy (2024-2026)

Updated May 2024.
Professional Property & Cleaning Services Ltd’s management is ensuring a high standard of ethical and environemntal practice......

Environmental Policy

Updated April 2024.
Professional Property & Cleaning Services Ltd’s management is dedicated to the protection of the environment......

Occupational health, safety & wellbeing policy

Updated April 2024.
The purpose of this policy is for PPCS to establish, promote and maintain the Health & Safety of all staff through workplace practices...

Quality Policy Statement

Updated April 2024.
Professional Property & Cleaning Services Ltd. shall maintain a consistently high level of cleaning service, which is in conformance with contract, mandatory health, and environmental requirements...

Sustainability policy

Updated April 2024.
It is Professional Property & Cleaning Service’s view that to be truly sustainable, the organisation needs to consider our environmental impact, social responsibility and economic activity and we...

Fatigue Management Policy

Updated February 2024.
The purpose of this policy is to highlight the effects and risks of employee fatigue, the shared responsibility to manage it appropriately, the preventative actions that should be planned...

Alcohol & drug policy

Updated February 2024.
PPCS is committed to providing a safe, healthy and productive work environment, free from the effects of drugs, alcohol or other substances that may impair...

Modern slavery policy

Updated April 2024.
Modern slavery is a crime and a violation of fundamental human rights. It takes various forms, such as slavery, servitude, forced and compulsory labour and human trafficking...

These core values are the pillars upon which PPCS stands, guiding us in our mission to provide exceptional service while fostering a cleaner, more sustainable future. They are more than mere words; they are the standards by which we measure our success and the promises we make to our clients, our community, and our planet.

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