Here at PPCS, we consider our people to be our most important assets. Everyone who works for PPCS is motivated to provide our clients with the highest standard of service, consistently. To further acknowledge how much we value our staff, we aim to become an “Employer of Choice”.

In doing so, we:

  1. Promote a strong culture of teamwork, trust, and transparency.
  2. Provide continuous Careerforce training to ensure our team members are confident in their knowledge of their duties, understand the expectations of their roles, and are accountable at all times.
  3. Are committed to fair pay, as members of BSCNZ, ensuring our people can live with dignity and actively participate in society.
  4. Celebrate Thank Your Cleaner Day alongside BSCNZ every October. This recognises the hard work our cleaners do, especially amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, with morning teas, lunches, gift cards, and gifts.
  5. Consistently celebrate and recognise our staff’s dedication with Health and Safety awards, morning teas, and lunches.

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