Educational Facilities Cleaning

Cleaning of Education Providers has formed the backbone of our knowledge, experience, and capability as cleaning service providers. It has enabled us to develop and fine-tune our cleaning systems, routines, and reporting and inspection procedures into a set of best practices.

PPCS is one of the leading cleaning companies for Schools, Universities, and other Educational Facilities, with an excellent reputation for the unique systems we have developed that ensure the quality and consistency of the service we provide.

PPCS currently services a large portfolio of clients in the Education Sector throughout New Zealand including:

  • Primary schools
  • Tertiary Educational Institutes
  • Technical Institutes
  • Specialist adult Learning Centres
  • Public and Private Secondary Colleges, High Schools and Collegiate
  • Preschools


Cleanliness is vital towards achieving a healthy functioning school. A clean school reflects an image of quality learning, discipline, pride and high standards. PPCS is committed to ensuring that every school we service enjoys a continuously healthy learning environment.

Term Cleans

We make Term Cleans a priority and make sure they are executed perfectly. PPCS will make sure you know:

  • who is in charge;
  • who is onsite, and
  • what we are doing.

Our Term Clean work is itemised, inspected and signed off with the school representative, classroom by classroom. A final clean and check is always undertaken a day before school restarts.

Proven Model for Setting up New Operations

With a highly successful model for setting up new operations, we will provide your School with a seamless change over. Our transition model ensures a smooth, cost-effective setup and transition for all contracts. The only thing you will notice is a significant improvement in our management and the cleaning result


Universities often require numerous services spanning multiple locations and buildings. An experienced and well-resourced company such as PPCS is essential in making sure that every aspect of the contract is performed well and that all the service providers are working in sync with each other to deliver a seamless result. Our partnership with The University of Auckland (since 1991) and Wintec are testament to PPCS’s ability.

Quality Assurance

Since University properties are large and diverse, it is difficult for university property managers to visit every single location to ensure that the service standard is being met. With PPCS’s quality assurance program, our managers visit all of our clients’ properties to audit the quality of the job and supply a signed report to the property manager on a monthly basis to certify the quality of the work performed.

Satisfaction Promise

Universities are complex institutions that are difficult to run and maintain. PPCS strives to consistently meet budget, deliver on time, and take ownership of our projects to make sure things run as smoothly as possible.

PPCS understands that issues may arise from time to time. Our Work Order system allows clients to submit feedback & issues for immediate rectification by our Managers.

Affiliations And Accreditations

*PPCS is fully certified to ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System standards and ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management standards.