Aged Care Cleaning Auckland

Aged care facilities are unique in terms of the type of service that is required. However, PPCS's experience in this sector means that we know exactly how to maintain a clean, healthy, and dignified environment for our community's elderly. Ad hoc incidents (such as incontinence) are more frequent and it is therefore important that your service provider is always on-call and available to perform the service is of utmost importance.

Dedicated 24/7 Call Centre

PPCS is well set up for providing such a service with a dedicated call centre that operates 24/7 for fielding ad hoc job requests. Our call centre staff will prioritise jobs and make sure that relevant staff is dispatched in a timely manner based on the urgency of the request. Our dispatch service ensures that every job will be attended to and completed properly.


PPCS is able to service facilities from stand-alone institutions to villages spanning nationwide. Our nationwide presence together with our centralised communication hub means that our clients only need to have one point of contact.

Integrated Services

Aged Care Facilities are a complex operation and require a wide range of services. From specialist carpet cleaning, to stationery supplies to building and asset maintenance plans, PPCS is your partner to make sure your facility runs as smoothly as possible. We are happy to offer an individual service, as well as an integrated solution. It all depends on what fits your needs the best.

Specialists for Aged Care Cleaning Services in Auckland NZ

At Professional Property & Cleaning Services, we have extensive experience providing aged care cleaning solutions in Auckland, Christchurch, and Wellington. Our cleaning experience includes both small and large aged care facilities.

All staff we assign to aged care customers receive specific training for cleaning facilities that look after the elderly. This is in addition to our standard training. The additional aged care facility training includes specific cleaning procedures, enhanced infection control, and more.

With our experience in the cleaning industry generally, and our specific experience providing aged care cleaning services in Auckland, Christchurch, and Wellington, we have well-established cleaning procedures.

Our cleaning procedures exceed all guidelines and regulations, too, plus we regularly review and update our procedures to ensure they continue to be effective and compliant. We'll also make sure we follow any additional guidelines that you require at your aged care facility.

Maintaining Standards

There is only one way to supervise cleaners at aged care facilities, and that is to visit the site regularly. As a result, our supervisors and managers will visit your location to inspect the work our cleaners are completing to ensure quality standards are being maintained.

Following on from the above point, you can expect consistent standards when you choose us to provide aged care cleaning services in your Auckland, Wellington, or Christchurch facility.

We'll fully tailor our services to your requirements, providing you with a customised contract that meets your needs. This includes tailoring the frequency and times that we visit your aged care facility to clean, and it includes specific cleaning requirements that you may have.

We'll also make sure you receive excellent customer service from our team. This includes the cleaners at your facility, plus you'll have the direct contact details of your account manager if you ever need to get in touch with them. We'll be proactive too, contacting you whenever we need to update you on any of our services and to make sure you are happy with the standards we are delivering.

Affiliations And Accreditations

*PPCS is fully certified to ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System standards across all sites nationwide and ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management standards in Auckland Head Office.